Classes are held in the studio on site.  Some classes have a minimum number of participants that are required.  Prices vary, depends on the class offered. Please see calendar for class schedules and pricing.  You will be required to bring a basic kit.  Some class consumables are not included.  To ensure your spot is held a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation.  If something has come up and you have prepaid in full, you can have 2 options.  You can have the payment stand and arrange to pick up the class kit including instructions, or receive a refund of 50%.  If you have paid  the non-refundable deposit, you can pay in full and arrange to pick up the class kit including instructions.  Some items featured in the class, that are not in the kit, participants will have a 10% one time coupon, to be able to purchase products.  Anyone purchasing the class or the class kit will qualify.  A class list will be provide to attendees, minimum one week prior to the class.  Once the email is sent the coupon is good for one week plus a day and it can only be used once.