Covid 19 Update

Scrap of Paradise COVID-19 Update:

Here is a recap of what you need to know:

We are business as usual.  We are following the community health guidelines while we are open to the public.  Please note that one thing is we are still required to have smaller class sizes due to the social distancing aspect. 

Need crafting supplies? Want to craft with friends over Zoom or within your small bubble? You still have lots of options!

1) Order online from our online store – You can have your orders delivered (FREE shipping on orders over $100), OR you can choose a scheduled Parking Lot pick up time.

Payment options available include: Credit Card, PayPal or EMT (electronic money transfer)

2) Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) for new product reveals, creative inspiration, challenges and ways to use that stash of items you have been holding onto! Let’s craft as a community!

3) Purchase one of our classes as a kit and take it home with you. 

4) Come join us locally in the store with health measures in place.