Couture Creations Dauber Storage Case

Ecstasy Crafts

$12.99 $15.99

Dauber boxes are the most efficient method to store fingertip daubers. Without storage too many get lost or wasted. Each box holds forty daubers and the box's hinged lid with fail-safe sliding locks keeps contents secure. Includes one box that measures approximately 7.5" x 4.75" x 1.5".  Many scrapbookers own two or more and just add more boxes as their ink pad and chalk palette collections expand. The boxes store great and look good.  Consider labeling your sponge daubers and storing them alphabetically and by medium.. The boxes are large enough to store your daubers comfortably, yet small enough to carry to crops without drama - it's impossible for the box to open by accident because of the fail-safe clasps!